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First Post

One really never knows what is moving around you until you are standing in the middle of it. Do I hear a couple of Hallelujahs and an AMEN?! I just read something I wrote earlier about advertising for a living situation that included marginal living space that needed to be cleaned up/out, and not having a clue as to where that would be, hopefully including enough space for a Design Workshop.

Fifteen months down the road, 3 moves later for me, and 3 moves (separate locations) for my workshop I am now settled in to an old farmhouse style home with an attached, well-proportioned studio area for my workshop. This is truly what was prayed for, then in frustration, leaving the whole thing in God’s hands. There is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done outside on the property including clean-up, maintenance, and landscaping. The roof is sound, the kitchen needed a good deep cleaning and a decorative barn door needs to be made and installed in the common area off the living room due to the fact that a queen size box spring would not fit through the doorway and up the stairs. I will post pictures of the finished applications.

In the near future, I will be making window treatments for the house, turning an old daybed into a living room couch, and reupholstering two chairs that my daughter found left at the curb some time ago. Before and after pictures will be posted. There are antiques that have been kept in storage over the years and a few pieces that have been re-purposed as well. At present, I have about a month of work on the books that needs to be taken care of before I start on my own projects. I will be posting projects as they come to me, and some that have already been completed. Please rejoice with me in having functional space for living and creativity.

Setting up Presence

We’re busy getting everything put together over here. Testing out some bells & whistles and we’re on our way!